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  •  Today, only 10-15% of the general population is introspective and aware of where their beliefs and behaviors came from.  When you take time to become aware of how your beliefs and behaviors were formed, you are no longer a prisoner of them. You can now choose better ones that lead to more health, happiness and well-being.  

  • I read numerous Thich Nhat Hanh books and learned so much from him on anger, love and how to have a spiritual practice while being engaged in social improvement. Though I don't practice any religion, mindfulness and compassion are so important to keeping one balanced and not attached to the chaos, drama and competition all around us. While there is so much suffering in the world, TNH says..."Peace is every step..." and reminds us to smile... because gentle happiness each day helps us and others...  🙂  🧡  🌏 

  •  “Please do not build a stupa for me. Please do not put my ashes in a vase, lock me inside and limit who I am. I know this will be difficult for some of you.  If you must build a stupa though, please make sure that you put a sign on it that says, ‘I am not in here.’  In addition, you can also put another sign that says, ‘I am not out there either,’  and a third sign that says,  "If I am anywhere, it is in your mindful breathing  and in your peaceful steps.’”  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 

  • Many people in the world  make money on war, corruption, drug violence, political conflict, media, sports and community violence, and workplace conflict. We need to learn to mediate, be mindful, and communicate compassionately to gain and sustain inner peace and peaceful relations with others. 

  • “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing  our thinking.”  ~ Albert Einstein 

  • To create a sustainable planet, humans will need have better education and training to be a more evolved species, protecting all of nature on Earth.


  • We need to become more conscious, compassionate, collaborative, co-intelligent and co-creative. 


  • LIFE-CYCLE DIGNITY    When people act morally superior and get sanctimonious about Right to Life of a fetus, I always wonder why don’t they also support higher taxes to fund the well-being of life at all stages in the Life Cycle, including the right to a quality education, the right to a job for people who need work through a government works program, the right of seniors to receive a livable Social Security payment, and the right of future generations to live on a healthy planet. The morally upright turn cheap when it comes to supporting life throughout the human Life Cycle, and the life of the rest of nature on our sacred planet Earth.

  • By meeting the needs of the person you’re talking to – the need to be listened to and heard, the need to be respected, the need to be understood – you are creating a connection through which more creative thoughts, feelings, values, needs and preferences can be expressed. This creates a deeper understanding and appreciation that gives you both a way forward.