To feel great and develop your life the way you wish it to be, read the descriptions of the programs and contact me to book a private session, or a workshop for your group or organization. 

Self-Appreciation, Self-Love & Self-Care


Some of us grew up with critical, judgmental parents who misguided us.  There may have been coldness, drama, chaos or rigidity around us.  Parents were not wise, warm and nurturing, guiding in a healthy way, toward a healthy direction.  Some of us were socialized with put-downs, eye-rolling intended to demean, and rude sarcasm that may have caused us to not share our real thoughts, feelings, values and needs.  As teens and adults, we may now feel lonely and unloved, unappreciated and unvalued.  Many people live in harsh relationships and circumstances, suffering each day.  It is so important for each of us to take time to develop a daily practice of Self-Nurturance of valuing and appreciating our self, and providing warmth, loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness and sweetness to our self each day.  With a daily practice of serenity, simplicity and self-nurturance we can understand and experience the beauty and sacredness of life.  

Living Consciously & Compassionately Each Day



Gain the life skills you need for healthy, happy living.  Learn to create positive patterns each day, meditate, access your inner wisdom and live a meaningful, purposeful, creative life.  You will increase your ability to enjoy yourself based on your being compassionate, forgiving, kind and loving  with yourself, and taking good care of yourself each day.  We will then help you share your thoughts, feelings, values and needs with others to enjoy your life each day.  

Stop Blocking Your Potential, Enjoy Your Life More


  People often have a difficult time releasing resentment. We will explore what resentments you may still be holding on to, and clarify the delusion of resentment.  Holding on to resentment toward anyone or anything is the delusion that somehow you are benefiting from your resentment.  Holding on to resentment actually blocks you from realizing more of your potential, and from enjoying yourself today.  Once you mindfully see clearly that resentment is a delusion, the spell is broken.  You are free to enjoy yourself and live with serenity, wisdom,  gratitude and happiness today. 

Positive Habit Change


While more than 50% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to change or improve their lives, over 90% of these efforts fail.  In this program you will gain awareness of how addictive and unhealthy habits form, the true needs they serve, and how to replace them with a healthy, productive pattern,  to meet your real needs to live a better life.  We will explore why it so important to measure progress by what you learn along the way, day-by day, week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year.  If New Year’s goals seem elusive,  learn how to take the long-view, how to get back on track, refocus, and be compassionate and kind with yourself.  

Meditate: Inner-Peace, Health, Happiness


Meditation for Inner-Peace, Health & Happiness will help you  benefit from two of the most important skills in life, mindfulness and meditation, enabling you to access more inner-peace, health and happiness each day.  You then will see why gentle appreciation and gratitude are stepping stones to happiness. Understand how the “lower-mind” and “higher-mind” are so different, and create different realities. No matter what your age, or level of education or wealth, you can enjoy this simple daily practice to enrich your life. 

Listening To Your Inner Wisdom


Wisdom can seem like a Forgotten Treasure.  People can gain wisdom, forget it, lose it, and it can be regained again. Explore what happens to a society if it does not honor and seek wisdom.  Learn how we can develop more wisdom personally and why we need wisdom in our families, communities, nation and our world.  Explore the power of self-reflection and your character development on your Wisdom Journey.  

Have a Meaningful, Purposeful Life


A heart-warming program for anyone wishing to live a more meaningful, purposeful and rewarding life.  Explore the universal quest for meaning and purpose often posed by such questions as Who am I? and How can I find happiness?  Discover what is meaningful for you in a fun way.  Identify your interests, values, passions, aspirations, goals and dreams.  Create a plan and stay focused with positive energy.  This program will help you explore meaningful, purposeful, conscious and compassionate living and how to find people to learn, grow and succeed with in your life.  

Daily Alpha Wave Practice for Health & Wellness


 In a complex, educationally and financially stratified, disconnected, agitated society, it has become very difficult for men and women to develop a healthy, loving relationship. Probably 9 of 10 people are not in a healthy, loving relationship.  Egotism, addictions, resentments, and obsessions with wealth, power and prestige block people from having personalities capable of relating compassionately, kindly, warmly and wisely to others. When the needs for healthy, loving relationship, warmth and affection are being met - in an over-complex world lacking solutions to global problems and 24/7 negative media - mental (negative Beta wave) frustration can overwhelm the mind, and drive people to seek to reset their mind/brainwaves via addictions to food, alcohol, drugs and shopping. For many men, they may seek orgasmic release through pornography, sex clubs, strip clubs, sexual massage parlors and prostitution.  Increasingly, people need to learn to activate Alpha waves in their brain each day, through meditation, relaxing music, pleasant art and photography, nature and walking to help lower their frustration, and increase their daily healthy pleasure.  Having daily healthy pleasure through increasing Alpha waves can be physically satisfying and activate fulfilling, enjoyable emotions of compassion, love and kindness – for one’s self and others.  When you develop an Alpha wave break pattern you will feel much better.

What People Have Said


​"I recently attending Sandy Hinden’s 'Mindfulness & Meditation' workshop.  His knowledge covers a broad range of topic areas.  His presentations are delivered with great insight, passion, and relaxation techniques that are beneficial both personally, and professionally.  I learned a great deal about my inner-self, as well as methods of meditation that will allow me to have positive energy throughout my everyday life. I strongly encourage anyone to attend his workshops."

~ Matt Harris

Financial Industry

“If you are looking to be in a better world, or at least wanting to know what positive people are doing in the world to make it a better place, follow Sanford Hinden’s guidance. The years this man has studied peace and enlightened living is extraordinary.  He can bring you a lifetime of good values and ethics that should not be missed. In a world of chaos and selfishness, you can pass these teachings onto to all ages, especially our younger generation.  He provides a foundation of good values, showing there is a better way to live.” 

~ John G. Cohan


"I just came in from a meeting and  was met by my coworker who told  me that our patrons LOVED your program. The feedback we received was great and I want to thank you  for offering your programs to libraries. I'd love to welcome you back again in the future for another one of your presentations!"
Amy Mondello
Program Director
Glen Cove Library 

“It was a pleasure to meet you and greet you in person. Once again, thank you for providing a great program. We all benefited from your knowledge. You managed to hold our interest from beginning to end. The role-playing really added to the experience. Several people in the audience have thanked me for having such a wonderful program. I hope you had fun.”  

Edie Kalickstein
Program Director 

Long Beach Library

“It was an excellent and detailed presentation. The pages were so well outlined with clear and precise directions.  I thought the give and take was excellent and

a lot of people felt connected.”

Judith Pannullo, 

Executive Director

Suffolk Community Council

“Sanford Hinden is one of the most humane, compassionate, loving human beings I have ever met. He speaks and acts  from deep wisdom about what people need – and what the world needs now.  I trust him and have learned immensely from him.” 

Ronald Gross, Co-chair
University Seminar on Innovation
Columbia University