Economics for a Healthy Planet

My talk and facilitation of a critical conversation with Rotary Clubs,  other Service Organizations, Universities and Think Tanks on the need for systemic political and economic change  for humans to survive into the future

on planet Earth.  

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Conscious Planet News seeks to help people understand how to be more

conscious, compassionate and co-creative so we can develop solutions to have

fulfilling and satisfying lives and create a healthy planet Earth.

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 Topics include transformational psychology, human relations, sustainable economics and environments, global problem-solving, and new institution building for a sustainable planet toward creating a healthy and thriving planet Earth. 

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Our format provides great playlists of other conversations, lectures and debates, and our own conversations discussing the  latest findings and issues.  

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Sandy Hinden has worked to help children, teens, adults, seniors, couples, families, communities and Earth for over 45 years.  

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Stories we will cover

Global Commonwealth


 The Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity seeks Global Demilitarization through 5% reductions in national military budgets so funds can become available for investment in Earth Repair & Care, Infrastructure, Social Stabilization and Human Enlightenment creating Sustainable Families, Sustainable Communities and a Sustainable World. You can see more here...

Peace In The Middle East


The Middle East has known conflict for 6000 years.  Learn about the Habit of Conflict and how it needs to be replaced with the Habit of Peace that the leaders in the Middle East need to practice.  Learn why the Two-State Solution is now the only solution for Israel and Palestine, and why the Arab nations need to step-up to fund a peaceful and prosperous Nation of Palestine. 

Migration Solutions


We live in a world where countries have problems of joblessness and conflict. Unless these countries make a powerful effort to lower  their corruption, conflict within them will continue, causing global migration.  Learn what needs to be done to strengthen Democracies worldwide to improve their economies and democratic institutions to prevent the need for global migration that is creating conflict around the world.

Conscious Global Problem-Solving Program

Each day we can stay in the positive, peaceful, creative flow to facilitate growth

in consciousness, compassion, co-intelligence, collaboration, co-creativity, 

ethics and wisdom to solve the big problems humanity faces. The Conscious Global Problem-Solving Program expands your creative thinking and collaboration to create problem-solving for a peaceful, thriving humanity and a sustainable, creative Earth. You can provide this workshop for your organization, think tank or conference and  be part of the Conscious Global Problem-Solving Program, co-creating solutions for a healthy world.

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The Dynamic Power of C5 Groups

If we are to have a sustainable planet Earth, where people have fulfilling, satisfying lives, we need to foster people who grow in consciousness, compassion, collaboration, co-intelligence and co-creativity (C5). 

The reason why there are so few C5 people is because desire for power seems to breed people who are obsessed with competition in politics, sports, gambling tournaments, video games, business, the military, national, racial, class, caste and sexual groups in the battle of the sexes and the gender wars. This mad competition worldwide now keeps people locked in lower consciousness. Competition then blocks the development of empathy and compassion, can lead to passively, sneakily, deceptively hiding, pretending and withholding what is really going on, or aggressive, snarky communication, blocking the development of the collaborative co-creativity we all need to design and create the world we need and want. 

Going forward, we need more and more people being conscious, compassionate, collaborative, co-intelligent  and  co-creative for the common good of life on planet Earth. If you are interested in forming a C5 Group, contact me.

Left, Center & Right Problem-Solving Group

With all the disrespectful treatment of people with different economic or social status, ethnicity, religion or sexual identification; with political discourse where opponents deride, insult, and humiliate their adversaries; with the posting of “hate messages” such as swastikas and nooses in social media; with all the snarky communications in the workplace and homes,

we need something new.

Your local, ongoing Left, Center & Right Problem-Solving Group can explore real solutions that address all people’s needs, and the needs of Earth.  

We need young people, and older people who care about the world, involved in meeting monthly in their local communities to work on local, national and global solutions to save our lives, our communities, our nations and nature. 

Contact me to create a  Local Problem-Solving Group 

near you. 

More Stories


Lake Victoria Peace & Sustainability Center

I helped with the initial organizing for the Lake Victoria Peace & Sustainability Center. It is being developed through local people and organizations collaborating and co-creating together for sustainability and care for the lake, each other and the world.  An annual International Peace Conference will be planned, along with a monthly Peace Radio Program, and weekly Peace Programs for Youth & Adults for the region.  It is a fine program worthy of support. You can see more here

The Earth Solutions Project

In 2002, a World Bank vice-president wrote we needed to solve 20 problems in 20 years.  I suggest we create a wiki-like interactive website for people to make contributions to solving these global issues. See more here... 

Economic Justice

This Economic Justice program  explores the growth of industry and finance, the persistence of social inequality, and political structures and processes that contribute to an ever-expanding wealth gap globally. Corporate and shareholder greed is driving a climate catastrophe. It also looks at how to create an economic, political and social system to foster sustainable economic well-being for humanity and nature – a Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity. 

Creating Gender Peace

Seeking to go beyond the age old "Battle of the Sexes" and the new "Gender Wars", we will explore the grievances of Feminists and the Men's Rights Movement, the Me Too Movement against sexual abuse, INCELs (Involuntary Celibates), and MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). 

Meeting the Personal Shadow
& Healing World Malevolence

Each of us must understand and heal what Carl Jung called the Shadow in our being, our personal capacity for evil,  inner malevolence, disowned and unfulfilled needs, undeveloped character and repressed creativity, and then elect benevolent and wiser leaders, and design an economic system that allows life to live on planet Earth.

Help for Men in a World of Change

We need to create a conversation to help boys, teens and men evolve in a healthy way. Most teens and men no longer receive good guidance from elders, religion or counselors. A growing number of men are feeling confused, lost, loveless, depressed and frustrated. Young men can become insensitive and destructive to themselves and others. Hyper-pornography is proliferating, accessible 24/7, on phones and computers. Teens and men may act-out inappropriately, harassing women and being sexually violent. Teens and young men are committing mass shootings more frequently.  Men need to learn communication and relationship skills to have loving relationships and healthy families. 

Past Projects


Universal Children's Gardens

From 1979 to 1985  this was a wonderful program I founded that the United Nations loved. You can see the whole story here.  Rotary  International published an article about one of our programs at the Albert Schweitzer Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  

Peace Museums Worldwide

From 1995 to 1998, I worked to create The Metropolitan Peace Museum for the New York City area. That led to helping affiliate 50 peace museums of the International Network of Peace Museums with the United Nations in 2000.