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Research, Development, Training

Research, Development, TrainingResearch, Development, Training


Our world is changing rapidly.  We need to understand what we need to do to create a sustainable, thriving planet.  These talks, seminars or workshops can 

help your organization explore the world we need, and how to get there. 

 You  can read What People Have Said below the program descriptions. 


Transforming the World ~ One Person & Community At A Time

As Earth faces environmental destruction and human extinction, this program is for people interested in transforming the world, before it is too late. 

    We will first look at totalitarian governments, authoritarian-fascistic leaders, and the growing hate movements around the world.

    Then we will explore the Earth Rebellion made up of children, teens, adults and seniors taking on the powers that be with school strikes, disruption, boycotts, divestment and sanctions movements to end gun violence, and protect and heal Earth and humanity.

    We will then review processes of World Café, Dynamic Facilitation, the Earth Solutions Project and the Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity to solve community, national and global problems. 


Earth Day's 50th Celebration

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020 draws near, the challenges are enormous: biodiversity loss, polluted air and water, plastic pollution, ecosystem degradation and climate change. 

     Join Sandy Hinden as he shares what he learned in 50 years as a local and global educator and activist in his programs Universal Children’s Gardens, the UN’s For Every Child a Tree program, the Concert for the Earth at the United Nations, working for NYC Parks Department, creating the Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity, the proposal for an annual Sacred Earth Conference, the Earth Solutions Project, Systems Thinking for a Sustainable Planet, and his newly created website for people who love nature and Earth. 

    We will also explore efforts for the Earth Charter and Stopping Ecocide, and Greta Thunberg’s School Strikes and Extinction Rebellion. If you love the Earth, join us for this very special celebration and recommitment to saving planet Earth.


Making Peace In The Middle East

The Middle East has known conflict for 6000 years.  We will view this short video and discuss the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.  We will then discuss the rise of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and the increase in anti-Semitism and hate crimes worldwide. 

     The historic reality is Jews were persecuted throughout history, so they needed a place to have a safe home, hence they sought to create the state of Israel, to be free from further persecution.  

     Unfortunately, the way the British diplomats carved-up the Middle East was unsuitable to many of the parties in the region.  Today, since the founding of Israel in 1948, over 70 years later, we still have aggrieved populations and an unstable region. Israel has fought eight recognized wars, two Palestinian intifadas, and a series of armed conflicts in the broader Arab–Israeli conflict.

     Unfortunately for the people of the region, Hamas and its supporter Iran, still refuse to accept the existence of Israel, making the dream of a peaceful Two-State Solution now appear impossible.   

    We will review the acclaimed play OSLO, a beautiful and moving fictionalized telling of the true story of the efforts of Mona Juul and her husband, Terje Rød-Larsen, who are diplomats from Norway, and who in 1993 organized breakthrough negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat.  Join us if you are interested in an conversation on Making Peace in the Middle East


Sacred Earth Economics

Martin Rees is one of the world's leading astronomers, an emeritus professor of cosmology and astrophysics at Cambridge, and UK Astronomer Royal.  In his TED talk he asks whether our species will endure.  His talk is called: “Is this our final century?” 

     Environmental priest Thomas Berry and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller called for a new economics that honors the Earth.  

     In 2016, I proposed an annual Sacred Earth Conference to explore Sacred Earth Economics that holds we need to: 1) Meditate to gain inner alignment with Sacredness of Earth; 2) Raise consciousness to fulfill the creative potential of each person and nature; and 3) Take action for systemic-structural change for the health of Earth and humanity.  We then can see that: Caring for Earth is Caring for Ourselves; the Health of Earth is Our Health; and the More We Live Consciously, Compassionately, Collaboratively & Co-Creatively, the More We Live Sustainably.  

     If we do not find a way to live sustainably – after human extinction – it will take 5,000,000 years for the Earth to restore itself to the way is was until 200 years ago – after 200,000 years of human evolution – when humans created the carbon based industrial era.  The choice is now upon us.  


Systems Thinking for A Sustainable Planet

Each of us is a Self, within Society, within Nature. Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Humans have been evolving for 200,000 years.  If we are to continue evolving we need to create a sustainable political and economic systems that cares for nature. This program seeks to help educate adults, teens or children with systems thinking for a sustainable world. You can see more here.


Earth Solutions Project

An Online Crowd Research & Global Education to Save the Earth. 

A Wikipedia-like participatory system where world experts, lay researchers and the general public are involved in Crowd Research on 30 important problems that need solutions to create a sustainable, thriving planet.  You can see more here


Strengthening Democracy

We are living through The Great Transition. As you will see in this presentation, we are heading for extinction, or we will learn to create a sustainable world.  This seminar or workshop is for think tanks, foundations, governments, businesses, universities, associations, organizations and private groups interested in understanding how to foster a peaceful, sustainable, thriving planet.  I hope you will have the vision and courage to contact me so we can work with together with your community to go forward. You can see more here.


Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity

The Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity seeks Global Demilitarization through 5% reductions in national military budgets so funds can become available for investment in Earth Repair & Care, Infrastructure, Social Stabilization and Human Enlightenment creating Sustainable Families, Sustainable Communities and a Sustainable World. You can see more here


Economic Justice

This Economic Justice program  explores the growth of industry and finance, the persistence of social inequality, and political structures and processes that contribute to an ever-expanding wealth gap globally. Corporate and shareholder greed is driving a climate catastrophe. It also looks at how to create an economic, political and social system to foster sustainable economic well-being for humanity and nature – a Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity


Meeting The Shadow Within & Healing World Malevolence

Each of us must understand and heal what Carl Jung called the Shadow in our being, our personal capacity for evil, inner malevolence, disowned and unfulfilled needs, undeveloped character and repressed creativity, and then elect benevolent and wiser leaders, and design an economic system that allows life to live on planet Earth.  Turning the world into a military industrial complex was warned by General and President Eisenhower as a theft of humanity. 


Help for Men In A Changing World

We need to create a conversation to help boys, teens and men evolve in a healthy way. Most teens and men no longer receive good guidance from elders, religion or counselors. 

     A growing number of men are feeling confused, lost, loveless, depressed and frustrated. Young men can become insensitive and destructive to themselves and others.

     Hyper-pornography is proliferating, accessible 24/7, on phones and computers. Teens and men may act-out inappropriately, harassing women and being sexually violent. 

     Teens and young men are committing mass shootings more frequently.  

     Men need to learn communication and relationship skills to have loving relationships and healthy families. See more here... 

Past Projects


Universal Children's Gardens

From 1979 to 1985  this was a wonderful program I founded "To help children learn to grow food, flowers trees, peace, hope and love" that the United Nations loved.  You can see the whole story here.  Rotary  International published an article about one of our programs at the Albert Schweitzer Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.    


Peace Museums Worldwide

From 1995 to 1998, I worked to create The Metropolitan Peace Museum for the New York City area. That led to helping affiliate 50 peace museums of the International Network of Peace Museums with the United Nations in 2000.    

What People Have Said


"My friend Sanford Hinden should be elected President of the Globe."

Tatiana Kesrouani

TKDesign, Lebanon

"The whole world, including Lake Victoria region in Kenya, Africa, is yearning for PEACE. We appreciate your concern to create and work for that peace in this region, and the whole world. This really shows your regard for humanity. Your ability to develop ideas from paper to ACTION is unattainable by many people and cannot be equaled."

Solomon Owiti, Chairman

Lake Victoria Peace Center

Kenya, Africa

"Sandy Hinden is a very exceptional human being entirely devoted to a better, ideal world.  I have known him for more than 30 years.  He constantly inspired me for my work and efforts at the United Nations.  He had ceaseless great ideas.  He encouraged me to not give up, even collected the epithets given to me over the years by various people and institutions. He would be precious capital for philanthropic organizations and for a major newspaper.  I would be so happy see him in charge of a major newspaper section on good news and happiness for the people.  He would be very precious for a major philanthropic organization, especially one dealing internationally, like the Rockefeller Foundation.  I would support his candidacy with the highest terms."

Dr. Robert Muller (1923-2010)

Former UN Assistant Secretary General

Cofounder, UN University for Peace, Costa Rica

"In my work as a global public relations consultant, working closely with business, nonprofit organizations, governments  and the United Nations, I can say that no one on this planet is more efficient or works harder than Sandy Hinden, for his causes and his clients. Whoever has him on their team is indeed fortunate as he will create and inspire miracles for their dream and cause."

Barbara Gaughen-Muller, President

UNA-USA, Santa Barbara

"I wish I could put my finger on exactly what it is that Sanford Hinden brings to a project that moves it so quickly from a banal exercise, into a valid contribution to a better world.      

     On a number of United Nations projects we have made a point of calling upon him to help focus and provide a grass roots thrust, particularly on projects that relate to young people and living organisms such as plants and trees.  His uncluttered vision has contributed significantly to the success of such projects as World Environment Day 1983 and the International Youth Year project in 1985.

     More importantly, his organization of a programme for Universal Children's Gardens incorporating the international "For Every Child a Tree" poster has proven sufficiently persuasive that the original art work is to be donated by the United Nations Environment Programme in support of his project.

     Although a personal reaction, and an instinctive one, I feel that Mr. Hinden is a person to be trusted for he has shown discretion and reliability even under extreme pressure."

Mairuth Sarsfield, Senior Information Officer
United Nations Environment Program

"Sandy Hinden is a visionary in this time of cynicism, a creator in times of apathy, and persistent amidst times of great change."

Lesley Vann

United Nations Association, USA


"Thank you for being an integral, indispensable and vital part of the process of helping all of us explore the dynamics of positive change to improve our quality of life, our quality of being, our value to ourselves and others, and most importantly our value to the world!"

Joyce Schneider, Community Outreach Coordinator

Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation

"I would like to recommend Mr. Sanford Hinden, a hardworking, dedicated, and enthusiastic worker in the cause of world peace as well as local community building. I have greatly appreciated his several (on-going) contributions to strengthening the work and impact of the International Network of Museums for Peace. It was wholly owing to his efforts the Network was accepted as a NGO affiliated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations in New York; the network is pleased to have Mr. Hinden serve as its New York representative and correspondent. He has recently proposed an exceptionally rich and well thought-out communication development plan for linking Peace Museums by e-mail, websites, and Peace Television. In sum, I would like to recommend Mr. Sanford Hinden to you as an experienced and talented worker for peace."  

Dr. Peter van den Dungen,  Founder & Director
International Network of Museums for Peace

"Sanford Hinden is a peacemaker. When he first heard about the Pentagon Meditation Club, Sandy saw an opportunity and a need to work on an international transformation  project for the Club.  Coming forward voluntarily with the outstretched hand of a peacemaker, he demonstrated remarkable commitment and enthusiasm, joyfully spreading information about the Pentagon Meditation Club and ideas for peacemaking. 

     Sandy Hinden personifies a vision of the peacemakers sculpted in two identical marble monuments. The Peacemakers Monument project was another undertaking of the PMC.  One of those monuments is situated in Moscow, Russia the other one is in the United States on the campus of Shenandoah University in Virginia.  Sandy Hinden’s passion is to contribute to development of organizations, groups, and projects struggling to make a difference and a better world. 

     With his assistance the Club succeeded in expanding its outreach by establishing Peace Makers Institute, Inc.  Today he continues to be a reliable adviser for the Club and the Institute, touching our minds and hearts as a loving partner and a true friend."

Edward E. Winchester (1936-2019)

President and Founder

Pentagon Meditation Club and PeaceMakers Institute, Inc.