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A Wikipedia-like participatory system where world experts,
lay researchers and the general public are involved in
Crowd Research on 30 important problems that need solutions
to create a sustainable, thriving planet.


We need
curiosity, exploration, adventurous thinking, creative thinking,
seeking solutions and new ideas for 30 solutions that can add-up
to creating a sustainable, thriving world.

The 30 Problems Needing Solutions


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November 11, 2019  

  • Human life has always been developed around sex, money and power. 
  • With the addition of 24/7 television, internet media and cell phones, it is easy to capture people’s attention with stories about sex, money and power, and turn consumers into competing camps of the sexually free vs. the moralists, rich elites vs. the rest of humanity, and weapons dealers vs. humanitarians. 
  • With national governments divided internally and externally into political competing camps - who don't solve global problems - the world is drifting to chaos and climate catastrophe.
  • We need the Earth Solutions Project to collaboratively solve world problems. 

November 10, 2019  

  • There are so many groups vying for their own interests, they can’t or won’t collaborate with others to save the planet - groups of all sizes, shapes and colors: nationalities, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, political parties, classes, economic levels, social status, status of education.
  • So who will save the planet? Teams working on 30 different global problems in the Earth Solutions Project (E.S. P.).      
  • The E.S.P. Team clarified the webdesign. See it above. 

November 8,  2019 

  • We can see that Donald Trump is just acting out his childhood programming of being super competitive and cruel. 
  • Many politicians around the world are unable to solve problems. 
  • The archetype of Power - Domination has taken over our age in violent video games and feature films. 
  • This will only lead to world destruction as humans are unable to collaborate to solve world problems before it is too late.
  • We need to cultivate people who are friendly, collaborative and wise.


November 7, 2019

  • The world appears to be dying because so many humans are so competitive, ignorant and selfish.
  • It seems the Earth will be better off after humans are extinct.
  • Can Artificial Intelligence be used for the Earth Solutions Project?

November 6, 2019

  •  Many people are selfish, corrupt and heartless.  
  • They have no spiritual and ethical compass to guide them. 
  • Their religions are houses of self-worship and selfishness.
  • How can we create a sustainable world when the status quo refuses to change to become honest, authentic and wiser? 
  • For thousands of years, humans have had the potential for acting out of their Lower-Self of competition, coldness, brutality, foolishness and addictions, or their Higher-Self of collaboration, kindness, peace, wisdom and wellness.  
  • The choice is ours to cultivate, from generation to generation.   

November 5, 2019

  • The Earth and humanity are suffering greatly.
  • There are many greedy, corrupt, terrible national leaders. 
  • We have a dysfunctional international organization at the United Nations, that is filled with spies, where all the permanent members of the Security Council compete to sell weapons, that causes global conflict and global migration, and then the rise of hatred and reactionary politics worldwide. 
  • Today I sent an email to students at New York Institute of Technology seeking to explore their help with website development for the Earth Solutions Project. 

November 4, 2019

  • Humans are heading for extinction because the greedy won’t stop trying to make more and more money at the expense of nature and the impoverishment of humanity. The greedy are sick. 
  • Many humans are just selfish liars in many forms. From petty criminals, to religious fanatics, to business con-artists, on up to Putin and his Trump-puppet, and the greedy Saudis now trying to sell shares in their oil that is destroying the environment. 
  • In the United States, as the young people in the Democratic Party move left, the rich Democrats may move into the Republican Party.  
  • Lacking social consciousness, some rich people may then seek to move to other countries to avoid taxes.
  • If there are too many problems to be solved, with a lack of conscious collaboration, wisdom and co-creativity, humans will  drift into being a dysfunctional, deteriorating planet.  
  • I feel sad because there seems like there is nothing I can do to help the world.  Sometimes, all I can do is have deep compassion for myself, others, the world, and future generations.