Sanford "Sandy" Hinden

I have worked for peace, the environment, culture, and health and human services,  and in community and global development.  I was an administrator, program director, fundraiser, group facilitator and organizer.  I enjoyed writing "7 Keys to Love" and I continue life-long learning about personal development, human relations and global sustainability, and will be reporting on the latest findings on the Conscious Planet News ~ CPN YouTube Channel.  I welcome opportunities to speak publicly, provide workshops, facilitate groups, and coach individuals, couples, organizations and communities on communication, human relations and problem-solving skills. 

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I started this website to help us understand how to transform our lives, collaborate and consciously support the transformation of work, economics and society so we may take good care of ourselves, each other and planet Earth. 

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We are transforming life on Earth together. Your encouragement, comments and ideas add to the unfolding creativity we need to make breakthroughs in consciousness and collaboration.  I will answer questions and provide advice. 

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