There's much to see here.  So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the programs, materials and coaching I provide.  We live in a changing world, and need to be the best we can be to help ourselves, each other and our planet.  I hope you enjoy the website.  If I can be of assistance in your development process, feel free to contact me. 

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When things happen, I accept what is, don’t make it mean anything, am complete with everything in the past, stay in the creative flow now, am open to great possibilities, stay in positive energy and welcome good luck.  

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The purpose of the Positive Habit Improvement Club is to help you create more health, success, enjoyment and happiness in your life. The Club presents online and local meetings and a newsletter with the most recent research and methods for habit modification to help you create effective habits 

and enjoyable routines and life patterns. 

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  We all have five types of brain waves. 

Delta (sleep), Theta (waking), Alpha (calm, peaceful, relaxed, reflective, meditative, mindful, appreciative), Beta (active thinking, working, problem-solving) and Gamma (learning).  When we go on Beta Overload we go into a stressful state.  Instead, we can take an Alphawave Break by touching our heart to create a Positive Peace Pause .  When we do this a few times a day, we can
Be the Peace We Want to See in the World.   We can touch our heart to create a Positive Peace Pause any time we need to feel better.

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I often wonder how we are going to make the breakthroughs in consciousness, compassion, collaboration, co-intelligence and co-creativity we need to create a sustainable planet.  I then read, reflect, communicate, write and present programs. Conscious Planet news is my latest effort to save our planet.  We will be videoing creative conversations with great people.  Below are come recent writings.  You can see more about Conscious Planet News here.  

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My latest research, reflections and writing for you about human development, human relations and global development to have peaceful, fulfilling, satisfying lives, and a healthy planet Earth. 

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