7 Keys to Love Club

A Self-Healing and Development Community


We all know it can be a difficult world, almost devoid of love.

Politics has become so divisive.  People can be so competitive.

Narcissism, self-centeredness, selfishness and disconnection can lead to excess and addictions of all kinds. Media can be filled with violence and negativity. We need a new way to live. Our 7 Keys to Love Club can help you have a much better life. It is free. It's a place to heal, grow and develop with kind people. We are holding the vision, and creating a space, for a better world for all, based on love and care for self, others and nature. You can see below all you will gain in the Club. Just send me a note that you would like to join the Club.

7 Keys to Love Club

Creating a Fulfilling Way to Live

WHO:  We are people seeking to have a meaningful, purposeful, loving life of compassion and wisdom. 

WHAT:  We read from 7 Keys to Love and share our growth and development.  We are a self-healing and development community. 

WHERE:  We meet online.  

WHEN:  The 7 Keys to Love Club meets on the last Saturday of the month at 12 noon EST. 

WHY:  In a world of difficulty, we seek to find more fulfilling ways to live. 

HOW:  We read from 7 Keys to Love, share our feelings, experiences and lessons learned, and learn from each other.

SEE ABOVE:     Club Introductory Slides

SEE BELOW:   Club Affirmations & Wisdom Slides


  • We may hide our vulnerability. 
  • When we express ourselves authentically, we may fear being judged and labeled stupid, silly, childish, immature, incompetent or less than.
  • The inner critic may controls us through blame, guilt and shame.
  • We may have been abused and hurt by others. 
  • We may have experienced trauma, sadness, grief, anxiety, fear, disassociation and disconnection.
  • We may carry anger and resentment, yet not know how to express our feelings, needs, values, preferences and what we would like.
  • We may have lost hope and trust in people.
  • We see some people and politics becoming filled with hate. 
  • We may feel powerless to change the world and accept we need a new way to live.


  • We participate in the 7 Keys to Love Club, learning ways to live more effectively and enjoyably. 
  • We are a place to heal, grow and develop with kind people.
  • We learn to relax. 
  • We learn to stay in a peaceful, creative flow. 
  • We feel self-compassion and self-kindness. 
  • We practice meditation, self-love and self-care for wellness. 
  • We feel self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-worth.
  • We gain a sense of association and connection with others.  
  • We value the importance of being authentic.
  • We acknowledge our longing for fun, belonging, playfulness, aliveness, ease, healthy pleasure, happiness and joy.
  • We value our sense of humor and good humor in others.
  • We enjoy what we are doing. 
  • We keep the connection with our self and others through compassionate communication that is liberating. 
  • We hold the vision, and create a space, for a better world for all, based on love and care for self, others and nature.


There are many paths to enlightenment.

Be sure to take the one with a heart.


Look at every path closely and deliberately,

then ask ourselves this crucial question:

does this path have a heart?

If it does, then the path is good.

If it doesn’t, it is of no use.



after we have mastered the winds,

the waves, the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God 

the energies of love.

Then, for the second time

in the history of the world, 

(hu)mankind will have discovered fire.