There's much to see here.  So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the programs, materials and coaching I provide.  We live in a changing world, and need to be the best we can be to help ourselves, each other and our planet.  I hope you enjoy the website.  If I can be of assistance in your development process, feel free to contact me. 


This seminar or workshop is for think tanks, foundations, governments, businesses, universities, associations, organizations and private groups interested in understanding how to foster a peaceful, sustainable, thriving planet. You can see the program by clicking on  the link below. 



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I’m an investigative change agent, group facilitator and trainer. I want to help you be more aware about “What’s Going On” as Marvin Gaye sang in 1971, and is still true today, almost 50 years later. You’re busy, and the world is more divided and confusing than ever. I’d like to help you cut through the distortion, hype, propaganda, addictions and confusion so you can get to the truth, inner-love and wellbeing. That’s why I created this FREE blog that will help you get to a deeper place of understanding and wisdom, compassion and grace. Sign up below!

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My blog writing covers the transformational breakthroughs needed to create a thriving sustainable planet where the ideal of people actualizing their full potential is valued and supported.  Each article contains insights and tips for better living personally, interpersonally or globally.  

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