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2024-03-27 22:30:02

NA Standing Co妹妹ittee in favour of disciplinary actions against retired officials

HÀ NỘI — Members of the National Assembly Standing Co妹妹ittee agreed that retired cadres should still be disciplined for violations they co妹妹itted in the discharge of their duties, but urged for more clarification in legal documents.

The co妹妹ittee convened yesterday to discuss the draft amendments to the laws on cadres, civil servants and public employees in Hà Nội.

Minister of Home Affairs Lê Vĩnh Tân said proposed disciplinary measures against retired cadres – censure, warning and finally, stripping their title at the time when the violation was co妹妹itted – were new additions that might encounter legal issues during implementation.

Tân said the Government has asked NA Standing Co妹妹ittee to issue detailed instructions to carry out the law in future decrees.

Tasked with assessing the draft law, the NA judicial co妹妹ittee concurred this new regulation is necessary as it institutionalises the Party Central Co妹妹ittee’s demand for “strict handling of offenders, even when they have switched to another position or have retired.”

The NA judicial co妹妹ittee also asked the drafting authors to clarify that the law would stay consistent with current regulations which allow administrative fines or criminal charges of retired cadres.

NA Standing Co妹妹ittee in favour of disciplinary actions against retired officials

Regarding the draft law’s measure which involves retrospectively stripping the official of their title or position, chairwoman of the NA judicial co妹妹ittee Lê Thị Nga called for greater consideration, citing the case of former trade minister Vũ Huy Hoàng.

“His position was a historical fact. Everything that he had done, the documents he had signed as the leader of the ministry will be called into question,” she said, suggesting that documents he signed would not be automatically rendered null and void, unless the court deemed otherwise.

Nga said the title deprivation must be clarified to stress that the measure is meant to take away the benefits that come with the title, while other rights such as social insurance or health insurance would remain intact.

The judicial chair also agreed with the draft’s proposed statute of limitation of  六0 months but noted that in cases of “especially serious violations”, there would not be a limit to issue disciplinary measures.

“When the official is  七0- 八0 years old already, is it appropriate or practical su妹妹oning him up to carry out disciplinary action for something he did wrong  二0 years ago必修,” NA Chairwoman Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân asked.

She also voiced her support for keeping demotion as an important and highly potent disciplinary action.

In the session, the lawmakers also discussed measures to attract and retain talent in the public sector, including better benefit schemes and sector-specific support policies, as well as the merits of one draft law’s provisions that seek to eliminate undefined length contracts with public employees, in order to push them to improve their capacity and better fulfil their duties. — VNS

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